SDS Fellowship Applications are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unused fellowships awarded in 2019/20 can be considered for alternative courses/ fees if appropriate. Please contact the SDS secretary to discuss.

AAD Fellowships

For several years, the American Academy of Dermatology has sponsored a free registration program in the interest of furthering the relationships of the Academy with dermatologists and dermatological societies throughout the world. The programme, which is administered by the Academy's International Affairs Committee, is designed to give young dermatologists from other countries an opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting of the Academy. The next Annual Meeting will be held in Miami, Florida 2013.

The SDS executive has traditionally selected 2 recently appointed consultants to 'fly the flag'. In the absence of two appropriate junior consultants, applications from final year trainees or post-CCST research fellows will be considered. The two selected individuals from the Scottish Dermatological Society will also be provided with complimentary tuition to a one or two-day postgraduate course of their choice (subject to availability of space in the course). These scholarships are available only to those individuals who have not received a previous registration scholarship from this programme. The Academy will provide grants for $500 to each of these physicians. The cheques will be distributed at the International Scholarship Breakfast.

Applications for the next AAD scholarships should be made in the form of a concise curriculum vitae (1-2 pages), sent to the SDS Secretary by summer of the preceding year.

SDS Fellowships

  1. Non-Consultant Career Grade Fellowship.  Up to the value of £1000

  2. A General Fellowship - available to any grade of SDS member.  Up to the value of £1000.

       3. 2 Consultant travel fellowships of £1250 per year funded jointly by the SDS and industry.

Application with a brief 1-2 page CV should be sent to SDS Secretary.

Visiting SDS Fellowships for residents from North America and Europe to visit the SDS annual meeting are adminstered by the AAD and EADV respectively.